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    Import existing projects but can' build?

    Today I imported a existing project into carbide C++,then I build it but there is no response at all.Console is clean ,only following statements:

    "**** Clean-only build of configuration S60 3.0 Emulator Debug for project S60UIExample ****"
    "Build complete for project S60UIExample"

    Could someone tell me what's wrong with this project?thx

    activeperl 5.6.1
    jre 6u15
    sdk 3rd fp1
    carbide c++ 1.0

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    Re: Import existing projects but can' build?

    Carbide.c++ 1.0? Where have you found that?
    The current Carbide.c++ version is and the difference between the two is huge. Download the latest Carbide.c++ and then come back if you still have questions.
    -- Lucian

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