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Thread: Cache Problem

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    Cache Problem


    I am developing a Wap applikation were I present a list of items in the Wap-client. I have verified that the deck size is below the recommended size.

    The problem is that after some updates (3-4) of the list I get some sort of error in the client and the same error occures if the deck is to large.

    It seems that the client or maybee the Wap Gateway is buffering information in some way. I do not use the card attribute 'newcontext' since I do not want to loose the navigation history.

    If 'newcontext' is not used, is the client buffering information in some way? If it is, does it take space from the "other" bytes?

    Could the problem lie in the Wap Gateway?
    I use the Wap Gateway of Telia in sweden but I do not know the type of the Wap Gateway.

    Johan Berneskog

    Posted by Johan Berneskog, johan.berneskog@nbit.sigma.se
    on August 29, 2000 at 19:04

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    RE: Cache Problem

    Posted by Andreas, keisi@gmx.net
    on August 30, 2000 at 09:11

    Hi Johan

    What type von handset do you use? if its a Nokia7110 what version of firmware has it (*#0000#)?
    And now: how long are the url including all parameters for the list update?

    The Nokia has a problem when url including the parameters is longer then 128 characters.


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