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    Nokia 5800: how to handle key event?

    Well I know that on 5800 it doesn't have a keypad, but it has green, volume and camera keys (I don't mention red and menu keys because I don't think they have key events usable by widgets).

    I would like to know how I can handle key events on this phone, since I've read library and the information there doesn't have keyvalues for volume and camera keys, and green key doesn't do what I want. When I press green key it opens dial pad, so I can't do anything on my widget.

    Does anyone know how I can handle key events on this phone?
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    Re: Nokai 5800: how to handle key event?


    In WRT 1.1 I know that you can get informations about volume and camera, and using this result = so.ISysInfo(criteria) you can modify the value of a system attribute. I will looking for some examples...

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