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    Pin for my bluetooth car device (Nokia)


    I need some help from you. I bought a car with a Nokia bluetooth car device which was added after. The old owner told me the pin (was not 1,2,3,4 or 0000), but I did not write it and he lost it as well.

    I tried to remember the pin, but I can't. I cannot link this device to my Nokia's cell phone without the pin.

    Please, I need your help.

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    Re: Pin for my bluetooth car device (Nokia)

    As there are so many models of Bluetooth car kits, it could help if you also posted the actual model number of the one your car has.

    If there's some component where there's a serial number printed on a label/sticker, try the last few digits of the serial number (that used to be the practice on older Nokia Bluetooth gear).

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