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    GetCredentialsL + HTTP POST ??


    I am working on application which needs to send data to server using HTTP POST. I have make use symbian provided HTTPClient Example to achieve the task.
    When i try to upload data using IssueHTTPPostL request function of HTTPEngine to server it asks for user credential. I have provided the user credentials in GetCredentialsL function.

    On the server single POST request is received in two parts in first part it receives POST data without user credentials and in other user credentials without the post data. Due to which data is not being uploaded to server.

    If somebody has gone through the similar situation then please help me to get out of same? or if somebody has pointer to same then do let me.

    Help would be appreciated.


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    Re: GetCredentialsL + HTTP POST ??


    There is one patch which i followed in my application long before. You can store the cookie information of first request and re-issue the POST request with the stored cookie information.

    I mean when when you issue the POST request you will get fail, bu the session has been authenticate if the username and password provided in correct. When you received FAIL, Issue the another POST request but with the cookies you captured in first request.

    For geting the cookie information refer following article:

    Hope the above said patch work for you also


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