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    Smile Memory Usage of Variables in Java


    In short, here is my case:

    I want to make a function to read XML file. In addition, I want to find a way to save as much memory for my application.

    I don't know which ways is better for me:

    Case 1:

    Class XmlParser
    //some kinds of parser
    private Xml parser = null;

    private static XmlParser instance;

    public XmlParser()
    parser = new Xml();


    public static void getInstance()
    if(instance == null) instance = new XmlParser();
    return instance;

    In this case, I create an instance to point to this class, so it won't be create again when I call the XmlParser

    e.g XmlParser.getInstance().parse(fileUrl);

    Whenever I need to use a parser, I just call a method in it and pass the file URL. It will create a new streamInput to pass to the parser;

    Note: the "parser = new Xml()" is called only one time when the variable is created first time.

    Case 2:

    public class XmlParser
    private Xml parser = null;

    public XmlParser(String fileUrl)
    //create input stream to the file and pass to the new parser

    // some methods which can be called to start parsing

    In this case, when I want to use the Parser, I must create a new instance of this class.

    e.g XmlParser parser = new XmlParser("abc.xml");
    An_Object a = parser.parse();

    Could you please compare these two cases for me. Which one is the better way when I want to use the xml parser and want to save memory too (like optimization, maybe).

    Note: I am using pull parser. About parsing xml in my application, the parser will be called when the app is started (only 1 time) and when a user changes the configuration of the app (e.g. he changes configuration of the app 1 times = 1 call to the parser, 2 time = 2 calls to the parser, etc.).

    Thank you.
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    Re: Memory Usage of Variables in Java

    Create the parser only when you need it.

    Two reasons not to create one and re-use it:

    1. It takes up memory even when you're not using it.

    2. Second time you use it, it may still have data remaining in it from the last time. A "use-once" object requires less testing.


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