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    Smile N97 touch screen

    Dear Nokia Developers, I hope that you release the N97 with a capacitive touchscreen. It is much more responsive and user friendly compared to resisitive. Despite trying to fulfil the Asian market for handwriting recognition, at least release another version with capacitive touchscreen. I am an Asian myself and I feel that capacitive is way better and there really isn't a need for resisitive touchscreens. If the N97 is truly gonna be the iPhone-Killer, it has to come with a capacitive touchscreen.

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    Re: N97 touch screen

    Dear Nokia user, there are no "Nokia Developers" on this site, this is a site for 3rd party developers, writing 3rd party applications for your enjoyment.

    And anyhow, there's nothing a Nokia Developer can do about your proposal, the phone is long past the hardware design phase.

    Since the profile of this site is not what you thought it to be, let me recommend a better site for you: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    -- Lucian

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    Re: N97 touch screen

    And nothing is going to change in the N97 display. It will be resistive technology. For capacitive touch screens on Nokia devices, you have to wait for Nokia to announce some new device.

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