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    WRT Widget on nokia N95 WITHOUTsoftware update

    I have a widget that won't install on a Nokia N95 phone. My common sense tells me that it is because the N95 needs a software update for widgets to run, according to http://www.s60.com/life/thisiss60/s6...res/webruntime.

    Now my boss insists that it should run without the software update, and I should be the one to work this miracle. Is there some way to package it or something to be able to install it on the N95 without first upgrading the software on the phone?

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    Re: WRT Widget on nokia N95 WITHOUTsoftware update

    You know that just being a Boss does not change the realities of the world. If the WRT Widget support requires a certain firmware version, and you have older one, then you have no other options than updating the firmware to the required version..

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