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    How to install .sys on my emulator

    Hello. I am using S60 3rd edition FP2,v1.1. I want to use celementTree in order to parse a xml file. I have downloaded a .sys file,but i dont know exactly how to install it on my emulator (and later on my phone).

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: How to install .sys on my emulator

    As far as I know there are no *.sys files in use in Symbian. If you mean *.sis[x] then such files cannot be installed in the emulator unless they are specifically designed for emulator use, which they usually are not (99,99%).
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    Re: How to install .sys on my emulator

    ElementTree seems to be Python API (though it also says that it has C implementation too), actually there is a Wiki article mentioning it.
    Anyway, if you have downloaded the Python variant, you may succeed in unpacking it and copy the .py file into the emulator - however in this case it would be easier to download the .py file directly, I would guess it should be available. And note that there is a Python board, just click back to "You Are Here: Home > Community > Discussion Boards > Programming Languages" on the top.
    If you are wishing to do C++ development, you may consider using the built-in parsers, search for XML parsing in the Wiki.

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