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    Error:Unable to find codewarior version

    Hi ,

    My friend has installed carbide v 2.0. When we try to build my project for emulator debug in carbide IDE , we get a wierd error "Unable to find codewarrior version". we dont have codewarrior installed in the machine.
    S60_3rd edition FP1 Sdk is instaled. I have been able to compile the same on my machine with no codewarrior.Any hints would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Error:Unable to find codewarior version

    You don't need to have CodeWarrior, what you need is the Nokia C/C++ Compiler, which is the same that CodeWarrior and Carbide.c++ use. Do you have Carbide.c++ installed? Have you configured the compiler for command line use? Have you searched this forum for "Unable to find CodeWarior version" ?

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    The problem was with the perl version. reinstalled and restart of machine seem to solve the problem!! I knw I knw 'Restart Windows!'


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