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    7650, keeping control of incoming calls...

    Problem - I need to listen for an incoming call and then activate my app video/sound player in place of the standard ring-tone process.
    1) Is it possible to introduce new file extensions to the ring-tone list?? and...
    2) Does anyone know how you can prevent the OS from grabbing the call when detected, I have set up active object listening for an incoming call but if I do not answer the call, no matter what I try, I cannot prevent the OS from taking the call over. Any help would be very much appreciated!
    Andrew Comley

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    RE: 7650, keeping control of incoming calls...

    hi there AComley,

    i was wondering if you could share the portion of your code on how you make your app 'sit' and listen for incoming calls? all i have here is the Dialer example from the series 60 sdk, which is not enough for me, i'd really like to be notified with the incoming call + the caller's number,


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