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    Connect to WAP Access Point


    I have to create an application which opens a TCP socket on the user's default WAP Access Point.

    I have the application created, but whenever I try to create the socket, a popup appears with the list of access points.

    What I want is to connect only to the default WAP Access Point (or to connect to an access point with the setting I already know).

    Can someone give me an example on how to connect to an Access Point or to the Default WAP Access Point?


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    Re: Connect to WAP Access Point

    Hallo if we you are using Nokia handset go to web and get the options and see for settings and in settings, set the default access point to the one which your application needs to access.

    And then remove your application from your phone and reinstall.

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    Re: Connect to WAP Access Point

    I also have the same problem so please some one can help me regarding this, its urgent.

    thanx in advance.
    With Best

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