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    Connect to WAP Access Point


    I have to create an application which opens a TCP socket on the user's default WAP Access Point.

    I have the application created, but whenever I try to create the socket, a popup appears with the list of access points.

    What I want is to connect only to the default WAP Access Point (or to connect to an access point with the setting I already know).

    Can someone give me an example on how to connect to an Access Point or to the Default WAP Access Point?


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    some hints


    you probably always have to pop up this list bc the user has to know you are going to create a connection, and he is going to pay for it.

    I am interested on your solution if you have found any?


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    You can use CIntConnectionInitiator class to create a connection without popping up a dialog. The class enables to use different connection preferences.

    The default WAP AP is stored in the Comms DB, see SDK Help:
    » Symbian OS v6.1 Edition for C++ » API Reference » CommDb » Global table

    You can also use CApDataHandler:efaultL() to get the default WAP AP, but there is a problem with a missing header, etelbgsm.h, see following discussion:


    In case you proceed with previous method, read also discussion about converting AP identifiers:


    Finally, as Nicolas said, it is not recommended to open network connection without user confirmation. For instance, such applications won't get NokiaOk label.

    Hopefully this helps!

    Best Regards,
    Marko / Forum Nokia

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