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    Post Problem in working with active object.....

    Hi friends...

    kindly have a look into this code...

    void CWebClientEngine::ServiceProviderMethodL()
    TUint KTestPort=5000;
    // KInetAddrLoop is a predefined Constant in in_sock.h represents
    TInetAddr addr(KInetAddrLoop, KTestPort);

    CleanupClosePushL(socketServ);//if function leaves ensure socket serv session closes

    //Opens a socket by creating a new subsession to the socket server.
    User::LeaveIfError(listener.Open(socketServ, KAfInet,KSockStream, KProtocolInetTcp));
    User::LeaveIfError(listener.Bind(addr));// bind the client address
    // the arg 1 represents only one socketconnection can wiat to make conn with ths listener
    User::LeaveIfError(listener.Listen(2));// listen for response from the client,1 conn it accpts

    blank.Open(socketServ);//open connection to the client
    listener.Accept(blank, iStatus); // accept the connection from the remote client

    void CWebClientEngine:: StartTask(){

    TRequestStatus *status = &iStatus;

    void CWebClientEngine:: RunL(){
    TSockXfrLength dummyLength;
    if(iStatus != KErrNone) User::Leave(KErrGeneral);// if error , leave
    blank.RecvOneOrMore(uri, 0, iStatus, dummyLength);// now read i/p from the client
    User::WaitForRequest(iStatus);// wiat while reading i/p
    if(iStatus != KErrNone) User::Leave(KErrGeneral);// check if everything went well, else leave
    if(iStatus != KErrNone) User::Leave(KErrGeneral);

    void CWebClientEngine:oCancel(){

    TInt CWebClientEngine::RunError(TInt err){
    return err;

    for the first socket connection , the event was handled successfully(with invoking RunL())
    for the next immediate connection, the listener doesn't listen

    pls help me if any one gets the idea

    thanks in advance,


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    Re: Problem in working with active object.....

    Stick with your other nick and your other thread http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=164495

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