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    Flash Lite Problems


    I am developing a flash lite clock application (widget application) for S60 5th edition devices (N97 and 5800). I have tried out all methods mentioned in the article posted in wiki - http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...nt_in_a_Widget. I am facing the following problems -

    1. I am not able to disable the soft-keys (Options and Exit) from the application (when using Option 2), I have created soft-keys using flash lite, I need to disable the soft-keys displayed on top of the flash application.
    2. I get two soft-keys (Done and Cancel) when I tap on the screen to start/stop the clock. This is removed when Done or Cancel is clicked. I need to remove this. This is encountered when I use Option 2.
    3. I have tried using option 3 by which I have been able to solve problem 1 and 2, but the application works on 5800 only, the flash application does not launch at all on N97, it shows the blank screen mentioned in option 3.

    If some one has some suggestions or pointers, I would whole heartedly welcome it. Please help.

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    Re: Flash Lite Problems

    ... i've been having the same problem, and still waiting for someone to reply to this thread. I guess there isn't a solution?

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