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    Issues while sending messages N70

    Hi All,

    I am using Nokia N70. I am facing some issues while sending messages (SMS). Sometimes when I reply a SMS a message appears saying "Memory Full. Close some applications and try again". When I checked phone memory and card memory and found that 13 MB is free in phone memory and 147 MB free in memory card. I store my message in memory card. Then I have to restart my phone to get rid of this problem. Sometimes I need to restart my phone two to three times to fix this issue.

    Can anybody tell me why this issue is happening or give me its solution.

    My Phone as Software version as follows

    V 5.0638.3.0.1

    Any help will greatly be appreciated.


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    Re: Issues while sending messages N70

    It is the RAM memory that is full so do try to close some applications before continuing.

    Please note that this site is reserved for software developers. For end user support see http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Issues while sending messages N70

    Thank you very much Lucian for reply. I don't have much installed applications. Is there any recommendation to overcome this RAM issue. Believe me I will be very thankful to you if you let me know any solution of this problem.


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    Re: Issues while sending messages N70

    Try that end-user support site...

    "Memory" means more than one thing.
    What is full in your case is the RAM, where the applications are being executed. This RAM is the same one that you have 512 MegaBytes or 1-2-4-8 GigaBytes of in your PC.
    However where the applications get installed to is not the RAM, but a flash storage device (though still referred as memory), which would be the hard drive in PC terminology (which you usually have hundreds of GigaBytes of).
    So they are related to each other more or less as your kitchen and your owen are related to each other.

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