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    How to Decode SVG from .svg file

    How to Decode SVG from .svg file

    I want to load and use SVG from .svg file, but not from.mif file.

    I had tried CImageEncoder::Convert(), but it can not work well!

    we can get a list of the file extensions that can be decoded,by executing the function CImageEncoder::GetFileTypesL().

    the list is:

    .svg is included!!!!!

    I had tried CImageEncoder::Convert(), but it can not work well!

    any other effective classes or APIs?
    Best Regards.

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    Re: How to Decode SVG from .svg file

    You want to encode or decode an SVG file???

    Even i had this doubt a few months back..I saw a thread in which an user was claiming that he was able to decode SVG using CImageDecoder classes, but i was nt able to find any information regarding to it in the SDK...

    The only info i got was CImagedecoder decodes SVG in some of the devices, nt very sure abt it....
    Even i tried to decode a sample SVG file with CImageDecoder but with no success...i was planning to apply this for SVG-T whether it is supported, bt i deferred tat experiment then,...

    May be the experts cud share a bit on these...

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