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Thread: Type problem?

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    Type problem?


    I am pretty new to developing to S60 in Python, and I have a strange problem with positioning. For latitude I get 55..87698742437 (with two dots), I think is should have been 55.687698742437, longitude is ok. I use pys60 1.9, a Nokia 6210 and my code looks like

    from sensor import *
    import e32, positioning
    def cb(event): 
        print "-------------------------" 
        print event 
        print "-------------------------" 
    if __name__ == '__main__':
        positioning.set_requestors([{"type":"service", "format":"application", "data":"test_app"}])
        print "***starts the position feed***" 
        positioning.position(course=1,satellites=1, callback=cb, interval=500000, partial=0)
    As you can see it look pretty much as the example from the pys60 documentation, so I don't know what the problem is. The Nokia navigator software works like a charm, so the GPS unit should work.

    Do anyone have an idea what the problem could be. I looks something like some type casting thing or ?
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