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    Exclamation Micro SD and Nokia N82


    this is my first problem with Nokia mobile. I have N82, bought it with micro SD card 2 GB. After 3 months, card got broken (pictures and some ringtones stored on it). I was thinking it was my fault. So I bought new one - 512 MB. After 3 or 4 months this is is broken too! And the same situation again. Some photos and ringtones only.

    I am seriosuly angry - two cards, one from Nokia and one form Sandisk. No matter what PC, i cannot read them, format etc.

    I download demo version of Rescue Pro and guess what... this software can read some pic, videos or music form those cards. But canno make it usable for phone again. What the heck is wrong?

    I am not computer noob so I can investigate little bit, thus software testdisk detects card but i cannot fix them. The question is how to make it good again, and who will give me my money back for such crappy technology in Nokia phones (I guess cards are faulty because of device = N82)

    Looking forward opinion of wise people here

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    Re: Micro SD and Nokia N82

    I have no idea. I've tried countless Nokia devices and SD cards although and the current SD card has been used in at least 4 diferent devices but I never had any problems of this sort. You must be having bad luck with your cards or with the phone itself.

    This however is not the right forum for discussing such issues. I suggest that you try http://www.nokia.com/support or http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    -- Lucian

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