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    error when build...


    I add database code and i add to show the phone number list.
    when i build the project it gives an error.
    like this...
    " Undefined symbol:'void CContactDatabase::CloseTables(void) (?CloseTables@CContactDatabase@@QAEXXZ)'".....

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    Re: error when build...

    so I suppose you did not add the library needed for the CContactDatabase API into your MMP file,

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    Re: error when build...

    Before using any API Open SDK and check what header, library and capability(if you are developing app in 3rd edition) is required for that API. And then add required library and capability to .mmp file.

    For CContactDatabase add cntmodel.lib to your .mmp file.

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    Re: error when build...

    thanks for the reply...
    it works fine

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