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    Angry ICMP echo reply too quickly

    i'm Daniele from italy
    i'm developing a simple application for ping a remote machine..
    i can send a icmp packet perfectly and i receive from remote machine a icmp echo reply
    all is ok...i use ethereal for dump icmp packet and is ok....
    but there a problem...
    in my application i would calculate the lag from send and receive ping..

    i ping always in debug mode www.google.com

    i use User::TickCount() when i send ping and the another User::TickCount() when i receive the ping
    but the time ping is always around 5 ms...
    is impossibile..

    with my computer i have a lag for 76/80 ms..

    i can't understand where is my error...

    i use the Socket for the ICMP protocol
    i use a Active Object for the engine and then use 2 other Active Object for menage the send data and the read data...

    can you help me please??
    thanks in advance


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    Re: ICMP echo reply too quickly


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    Re: ICMP echo reply too quickly

    i have rewrite the ping engine witha Synchronized socket...
    i use a CBase Object and use



    i can send and receive data...
    but i have the same error time of lag...

    5 ms...is impossible...

    can you help me please?
    i would understand...

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    Re: ICMP echo reply too quickly

    I think that i receive always the ping by my router/gateway and
    not from the google server...
    in ethereal i see that i receive a packet from google server
    to my internal address but i receive the lag for an internal ping
    and not for an esternal internet ping..

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    Red face Re: ICMP echo reply too quickly


    Send and receive a ping by a sync socket
    and use TickCount for count the lag i receive
    a low value ....
    sometime 5, sometime 12, sometime 22...


    i read about timing performance of emulator and i know that
    the tickCount have a 1/10 of precision...
    then i have moltiplied the lag value for 10 and i receive a correct
    ping lag in ms...

    Important thing that i have read is that in a
    emulator we have a 1/10 aproximation...
    and in a device we have 1/64 of aproximation for timing..
    then the value must be moltiplier for 64.....

    "ciao a tutti"


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