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    Smile Panic while writing to ModemBearer in CommDb


    I'm trying to create a new record in the ModemBearer table in CommDb and write to its columns. I use the example code in:
    I am able to create the record and write to some of its columns, but whenever I try to write to any of the following columns, I get a panic USER 0:

    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_DIAL_PAUSE_LENGTH), _L8("S8="));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_SPEAKER_VOL_CONTROL_LOW), _L8("L0"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_SPEAKER_VOL_CONTROL_MEDIUM), _L8("L1"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_SPEAKER_VOL_CONTROL_HIGH), _L8("L2"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_SPEAKER_ALWAYS_OFF), _L8("M0"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_SPEAKER_ON_UNTIL_CARRIER), _L8("M1"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_SPEAKER_ALWAYS_ON), _L8("M2"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_DIAL_TONE_WAIT_MODIFIER), _L8("W"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_CALL_PROGRESS_1), _L8("X1"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_CALL_PROGRESS_2), _L8("X2"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_CALL_PROGRESS_3), _L8("X3"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_CALL_PROGRESS_4), _L8("X4"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_ECHO_OFF), _L8("E0"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_VERBOSE_TEXT), _L8("V1"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_QUIET_ON), _L8("Q1"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_QUIET_OFF), _L8("Q0"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_DIAL_COMMAND_STATE_MODIFIER), _L8(";"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_ON_LINE), _L8("O"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_RESET_CONFIGURATION), _L8("Z"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_RETURN_TO_FACTORY_DEFS), _L8("&F"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_DCD_ON_DURING_LINK), _L8("&C1"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_DTR_HANG_UP), _L8("&D2"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_DSR_ALWAYS_ON), _L8("&S0"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_RTS_CTS_HANDSHAKE), _L8("&K3"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_XON_XOFF_HANDSHAKE), _L8("&K4"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_ESCAPE_CHARACTER), _L8("+"));
    view->WriteTextL(TPtrC(MODEM_ESCAPE_GUARD_PERIOD), _L8("S12"));

    Writing to all other columns is OK.

    I use the emulator for symbian 9.2 (S60 3rd FP1).

    Please help

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    Re: Panic while writing to ModemBearer in CommDb

    Eventually I used CommsDat instead of CommDb. That solved the problem.

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