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    Question VOIP call record issue Using mobile phone

    Recently I have investigate some Voip client software in symbian system
    Such as Fring,Talkonaut,Barablu,Skype,Truphone.

    I have tested these in my N95.Only Talkonaut provide the facility to record the call when I have made SIP call or using msn messenger voice chat.

    Skype also gives this facility but I am not sure whether sykpe using Voip technology or not.Because it was showing using some local number to establish the call.

    But others are not giving this facility.I mean Recoder or any application is unable to do that in symbian environment when you make internet call using those software(Fring,barablu,truphone).

    Could anyone tell me what is the actually reason for this?
    Where can get the information for this voip call recording matter in symbian system?

    Urgent reply will realy appreciable.

    Thank you


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    Re: VOIP call record issue Using mobile phone

    if you want to implement a application to record your call,you could check the following page.

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