Hi everybody,

I met a problem with RTSP video streaming under S60 Symbian 3rd Party. I develop an application which consists to play media files sent by a streaming server in RTSP. The streaming server I use allows to fast-forward or fast-rewind the media. In order to do this, the client , which in my case is a Nokia N95, has to add in the RTSP play command the attribute "scale: x" (x is an integer, x=1 for normal playing). However, when I use the "CVideoPlayerUtility" object to play streaming the media, I don't find a way to ask the streaming server to fast-forward or fast-rewind the media. Can someone tell me where to find information about this or a solution if he has already done it? If there is not a high-level method to fast-forward or fast-rewind a media in RTSP, is it possible to directly modify a RTSP request sent by Symbian OS to add the attribute "scale: x"?

Thanks in advance,