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    PyS60 1.9.4 feature request

    Dear PyS60 Dev Team,

    Would you please make a purchase order for one Adobe license, for the reason of creating readable S60 related documentation? That is the only application I was able to find, which supports printing a website subtree into a single PDF document.

    Current way of merging PyS60 related documentation with generic python documentation as HTML might seem like a good idea. Standard way, treating all parties equally etc. However from PyS60 - not python, but PyS60 - developer point of view a standalone PDF is much more productive. Easy to read, easy to SEARCH, easy to print, easy to use as reference, easy to notice differencies, easy to refer to other people, easy to report problems.



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    Re: PyS60 1.9.4 feature request

    I agree - let's have both a PDF and HTML version...

    It would also be nice to have the HTML version online somewhere, making it easier to refer to specific pages by copying hyperlinks

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    Re: PyS60 1.9.4 feature request

    I would also prefer a PDF document instead of HTML. It's very good to see Python and PyS60 documentation together, but I really think a simple PDF file discribing PyS60-only modules is much better. Searching for something in that HTML documentation is really a challenge



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