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    Nokia 30 with Linux

    We are developing an application to send information from our Linux server to mobile phones using SMS.
    We know that Nokia 30 can be used to send SMS using AT commands in Windows platform.
    However, we need to use it on Linux platform.
    1) How can we use Nokia 30 to send SMS on Linux platform?
    2) Are there any drivers of Nokia 30 for Linux?
    3) Are there anything on Linux that is similar to AT commands for controlling Nokia 30? If there is any, how to use it to send SMS?

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    RE: Nokia 30 with Linux


    There are no Nokia 30 modem drivers for linux, but you
    can use the same at commands for controlling Nokia 30 than in windows platform. You just need to have serial connection between the Nokia30 terminal and the PC and you should have program in the PC which understand at commands.


    Nokia M2M developer support team

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    I'd recommend trying gsmlib on Linux:


    It's quite mature and gets you going very quickly. At least the M30 seems to work pretty fine with it.

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