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    Not able to select Checkbox from PointerEvent

    Iam using CAknListQueryDialog box for multiselection checkbox. Its fine in S60_3rd Edition, But in S60_5thEdition, when i try to click a checkbox to select it, the dialog box goes away without selecting the checkbox.

    Kidly suggest what should be coded in HandlePointerEventL() and/or HandleListBoxEventL()

    Iam using an indexArray to put all the 3 items into it. The code is below:

    CArrayFixFlat<TInt>* indexArray = new(ELeave)CArrayFixFlat<TInt>(3);
    CAknListQueryDialog* dlg = new (ELeave) CAknListQueryDialog(indexArray);
    CListBoxView::CSelectionIndexArray* selArray =
    const_cast<CListBoxView::CSelectionIndexArray*>( dlg->ListBox()->SelectionIndexes());

    Kindly solve my problem,
    Thanx in advance.

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    Re: Not able to select Checkbox from PointerEvent

    I am also using CAknListQueryDialog box for multiselection checkbox with 5th edition, and I am unable to select the boxes. I expected this to be handled by Nokia's implementation. My HandlePointerEventL is not being called, and the dialog is being dismissed.

    Any ideas on what needs to be done?


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    Re: Not able to select Checkbox from PointerEvent

    I am facing the same problem. Is there a solution to select items in a CAknListQueryDialog (multi select) on touch devices?

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    Re: Not able to select Checkbox from PointerEvent

    Nokia had released 2 new flags for enabling listbox for touch events. One of them is EAknListBoxStylusMultiselectionList.
    If we use this flag then everything works fine. SO in Rss file replace "flags = EAknListBoxMultiselectionList;" with "flags = EAknListBoxStylusMultiselectionList;" to fix the issue.

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