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    Public lauching date

    Hello everybody,

    I actually know that the ovi store will be launched around May for users, but is there a precise date?

    Thank you by advance,


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    Re: Public lauching date

    AFAIK there's no precise date, it's more of a step-by-step launch.

    This is the impression I've got from what Nokia has said (mods and others, please correct me if I've got something wrong!):

    May 2009 - Ovi Store content available through existing phones' "Download" icons.

    June 2009 - Nokia N97 launches, with Ovi Store dedicated application built into it.

    July 2009? - Dedicated Ovi Store application becomes available for download onto other devices.

    August 2009? - Dedicated Ovi Store application comes built into new Nokia models and firmware updates to existing models.

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    Re: Public lauching date

    To clarify here's the information we've publicly shared:

    Early May - global launch of Ovi Store on more than 70 devices.
    June 2009 - Ovi Store client will be pre-installed on the N97 when it launches in select markets.

    Let me know if you have additional questions that I can try to answer.
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