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    Help us to package simple Flash content for Ovi


    We have some simple educational games in Flash 6. We need help getting started with packaging them for Ovi, but we are time short. I presume that some of the readers of this forum can do what we need easily.

    If you can point us at your work with Flash and Ovi then please get in touch. We have a limited budget but we are expecting to contribute financially for your time.

    To see what we do go to www.sums.co.uk and visit the playground where there are 8 sample swfs. We are widely used in schools on PDAs and some Nokias using flash running in htm. Now we want to get properly packaged for the Ovi store etc.

    Best wishes,


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    Re: Help us to package simple Flash content for Ovi

    Hello David,

    I hope you have found the response to your packaging problems by now, this board is mostly for publisher or publisher hopefuls and not necessarily for developers. Hence the lack of response to your query. If you are still waiting for guidance with regards to Flash content packaging for OVI Store publishing please email support at: PublishToOvi.Support@nokia.com

    Best regards,

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