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    Store-Stream 0 Error Msg

    I'm developing on S60 3rd FP1 using Carbide.C++ IDE.
    my problem is when is create a file using RFileWriteStream object as follows:
    writeStream.Create(fileSession , static_cast<CMyApp*>(iAvkonAppUi)->iFullPath, EFileWrite);

    And then in somewhere (when the user close the current view "Back Button") i tried to delete this file as follows:
    EikFileUtils file;
    file.DeleteFile(static_cast<CMyApp*>(iAvkonAppUi)->iFullPath, 0);

    now i check if it does this work successfuly or not, and i found it did. but when i tried to repeat my scenario again (creating the file then press back soft key delete the file) it fired this error " STORE-Stream 0 " when it reached the creation line.
    why is that?

    for more details in how i create the file and stream.

    TBuf<50> reqWord = static_cast<CMyApp*>(iAvkonAppUi)->iSearchWord;
    RFile file;
    RFileReadStream readStream;
    RFileWriteStream writeStream;

    TFileName fileName;
    TParse tParser;
    // where my temo file would be 001_temp.htm

    RFs fileSession;

    writeStream.Create(fileSession , static_cast<CMyApp*>(iAvkonAppUi)->iFullPath, EFileWrite);

    // Open the Html file
    TInt err = file.Open( CEikonEnv::Static()->FsSession(), htmlUrl, EFileRead );
    if( err == KErrNone )
    readStream.Attach( file );
    TRAP(err,readStream.ReadL(word, TChar(' ')));
    if(err == KErrEof)

    My Algorithm
    WriteInFile(word, writeStream);
    // write in the created file "001_temp.htm"
    return static_cast<CMyApp*>(iAvkonAppUi)->iFullPath;
    // the end of my function where i return my temp file path coz in somewhere "in the HandelCommandL function in MYAppView.cpp " i need this path coz when the user clicks on "Back Button" and turn back to the prev. view i want to delete this temp file and i did that as follows:
    EikFileUtils file;
    file.DeleteFile(static_cast<CMyApp*>(iAvkonAppUi)->iFullPath, 0);

    NOW:my problem is i can this function only once where if i called it again it crachs when reachs to the line of creation "writeStream.Create(fileSession , static_cast<CMyApp*>(iAvkonAppUi)->iFullPath, EFileWrite);"
    and gives me this error and sometimes it may close the application with error KERN-EXEC 3

    i hope i explained my problem clearly.

    thnx in advance,
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