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    Question Is it possible to integrate a Widget and a native symbian application togather?

    Hi. At present we plan to porting a native application to use Widget technology. But we have some function must be done under native code.

    I want to use the Widget application as the GUI part of my application. The Widget application will call my native symbian application for doing somethings such as dial a call, send sms/mms and so on.

    I think I can develop a mobile web server. My Widget application can send AJAX request to my local mobile web server. Then my local mobile web server will do the real things upon the handset. But how to access the local mobile web server in Widget application.

    Is it possible to use or http://localhost:8080/dial?phoneNum=888888 to contact local mobile web server? I had tried this but it will prompt me to choose a APN. Which APN I should choose to access local mobile web server?


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    Re: Is it possible to integrate a Widget and a native symbian application togather?

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