I have a N93 (i.e. S60 3rd Edition) running the latest firmware (v20.0.058). I installed PAMP 1.0.2 (httpd, utilities, mod_php). I also have an access point for my local WLAN configured (infrastructure mode), and WLAN generally works fine (e.g. in the browser).

Unfortunately, when I do Options -> Start WLAN in PAMP (or answer "Yes" to the question about starting WLAN after the initial Options -> Start to start the httpd), nothing happens.

The httpd itself works fine, though. If I start the browser to initiate a WLAN connection, I can access the httpd from my PC for the duration of the browser being open. But of course, I'd like PAMP to initiate the WLAN connection and keep it alive, so I can actually properly access it from the PC.

Any ideas on what I might have forgotten to configure properly, or generally how to solve my problem?