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    Audio Volume Problem

    Hi everyone,

    I am creating an application that plays and record sounds simultaneously.

    Im using CMMFDevSound for recording and CMdaAudioPlayerUtility for playing audio. It was running very well but when I tried changing the volume while playing and recording, the audio produced was reduced 10 about 20-30% of the setting.

    Example scenario.

    Vol -> 5

    When the player and recorder starts the sound produced was ok.

    Changing volume to 6

    the audio produced was as loud as the volume setting for 2.

    I think the changing of sound is working since if I increased the volume it produced louder sound and if I decreased the volume the sound produced it also decreased.

    It seems that the sound was at the background.

    Can anyone help me with this?



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    Re: Audio Volume Problem

    What is the methiod used for setting the volume?

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    Re: Audio Volume Problem

    CMdaAudioPlayerUtility* iMdaAudioPlayerUtility;

    It works fine when recorder is not running..

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