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    OVI Billing - is there http post

    Hello All,

    Does anyone know how is billing implemented in the OVI store?
    I couldn't find any document explaining billing.

    It looks like there are 3 options
    1) Credit Card
    2) Operator billing
    3) All

    That's more or less clear, but normally online stores have http post mechanism to notify developer server about transaction and developer server can either
    1) generate unlock code which will be provided to customer based on IMEI that customer entered during checkout process.
    2) allow access to this IMEI without generating unlock code (for example in case client server application)

    Sites like handango, mobihand, clickgamer, mobile2day all have this.

    In case of OVI it's not clear to me how is purchase notification done and how is content protection done.

    I've seen someone mentioned OMA DRM.
    Is this how all content is distributed?

    Appreciate any feedback on this

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    Re: OVI Billing - is there http post

    I also would like to know this. Is there any detailed explanation on how the file protection is done?
    How to implement it?

    What is going on with Nokia?! Are you guys seriously looking to compete with Apple with all of these questions gone un-answered by so many developers? I would have had 20 moderators just for this forum if I were you, to help developers streamline their uploading to Ovi process.


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    Re: OVI Billing - is there http post

    Dmitry, I do support your statements!

    The question to Ovi team is: Are you planning to implement any kind of serious content protection? Cause now it's ridiculous!

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