A few days ago, I asked about de slash character in the Nokia Mobile Browser and The June 2000.

I said: "I'm testing a Wap site, and I need to type my username and my password to enter. However, my username has an "/" (slash) just in the middle. There are no way to type it in the Nokia Simulator's virtual screen (Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.0)".
The Nokia Team answered me that I must "Check the format specifier for the input field", and I say in the comments that "We can't define the input field format, because its defined by the same browser. We are working in a secure network enviroment, so is the same browser who ask for username and password. All wap phones allows to type the slash, because is necesary for most wap URLs. Even, in the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit direccion bar, is possible to type this character. Why we can't do the same in the simulator?".
In others words, we can't test properly our develops, because with the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.0 simulator We can't type some characters using the keyboard.