Hi, I'm getting this error code when trying to add commands to a Canvas on the Nokia 7650. I use the following code:
To declare the Command:
private Command quit = new Command("Quit",Command.EXIT,1);
And then in the Canvas' constructor I add it like:

I've tried compiling the application using Sun's J2ME Wireless Toolkit 1.0.4_01 JDK, and also with the Nokia Developer's Suite 1.1 SDK. The app runs fine in the J2ME Default Color Phone emulator, and on the 6310i emulator (I can't seem to find an emulator for the 7650, so any links to that will be very much appreciated).
But when I download it to the 7650 the command doesn't show on the Canvas, and after a while I get the Menu_Srv11 error.
What am I doing wrong here? Do I have to compile the program differently for use on the 7650? Where can I find the 7650 emulator?