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    Unhappy [moved] Strange mail client problem

    I have Nokia E71 and try to connect it to the mail server. About mail server in detail. That is MS Echange but beyond imapproxy program. Only IMAP protocol allowed on the server ( and no any chance to use Exchange protocol or POP3). I normaly used this server with my old E61 and with PALM HP, but when I try to use E71 I have a problem - mail client cant connect to the server. More that I have a Linux IMAP server at home and any problem with cannection with it.
    I download ProfiMail but it also without success.
    I now that problem not in connectjion ( server saw this attempt to connect but freez on logon stage), and E61 connecting to this server without problems.
    Will be very appresiated for any help or ideas.
    Best regards.

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    Re: [moved] Strange mail client problem

    This is not a end-user support site/forum. Please try to find your answer at http://www.nokiaforbusiness.com/, http://www.nokia.com/support or at http://discussions.europe.nokia.com
    -- Lucian

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