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    Access to application (full version) URL

    We're making some changes to our applications in order to publish them in Ovi Store.

    Our idea is to detect if the application has been installed from ovi store using the informations provided here: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=159549
    But we need some more informations about the DRM forward lock implementation provided by Ovi Store:
    - the DRM protected filename will be the same as the application filename (except for the extension) or will change?
    - can we assume that the application will be downloaded always from the phone itself? (and never transferred from the pc for example)

    It would be much better if the developers could access to the end-customer URL to download the full version of their applications so they could check that everything is working fine before submitting the application to QA team.

    Marco Bellino.
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