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    Access to application (full version) URL

    We're making some changes to our applications in order to publish them in Ovi Store.

    Our idea is to detect if the application has been installed from ovi store using the informations provided here: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=159549
    But we need some more informations about the DRM forward lock implementation provided by Ovi Store:
    - the DRM protected filename will be the same as the application filename (except for the extension) or will change?
    - can we assume that the application will be downloaded always from the phone itself? (and never transferred from the pc for example)

    It would be much better if the developers could access to the end-customer URL to download the full version of their applications so they could check that everything is working fine before submitting the application to QA team.

    Marco Bellino.
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    Re: Access to application (full version) URL

    Using only the SIS filename is not going to be a reliable means of determining if the application was installed from the Ovi Store. If somebody can get the SIS file some other way, they can rename it to whatever they want before they put it on the phone.

    For example, let's say you want to disable your registration/copy-protection mechanism when the application is installed from the Ovi Store. If you just use the filename, then somebody that gets the SISX from some other means can rename the file to the same name as you use in the Ovi Store, and disable your registration/copy-protection for free. Somebody could even rename the file to the same name as you use for the Ovi Store, and then put it up on a free HTTP server, and everybody will automatically have the full version of the app.

    I have already asked Ovi Publisher Support for a (secure) way to detect that the application was installed from the Ovi Store and/or a way to know the price the user paid (specifically $0.00 or more than $0.00) and they said there was no way to do so.

    However, I think there probably *is* a way to do so using the CAF API, but I won't be able to figure it out until after the launch.

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    Re: Access to application (full version) URL

    Hi Brian,
    we will detect also if the .sis file has been protected with oma forward lock (only the full version will be locked) and will try to add more conditions to be sure that the app has been installed from the Ovi Store.

    But to test properly this kind of detection, we need access to the application URL, or we will just send the application to the QA and then wait hoping that everything works correctly.

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    Re: Access to application (full version) URL

    On Forum Nokia Wiki there is a new article [http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...installer_.sis How to protect Flash Lite content with OMA DRM 1.0 when content is packaged into a Symbian installer .sis]

    and possibly gives an answer to your problems for local files.
    Clearly this may not apply to Ovi. If you can log in and test to your phone


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