Dear Sir,
I have made a FEP based application for series60 3rd edition FP2 devices. I have successfully tested my application on Nokia N79 phone and now i wish to get my application Symbian certified.
1. I have split my application into 2 parts
a) FEP (dll plugin)
b) setup (Test harness which manages the FEP operations)

2. I want to Certify my FEP (dll plugin) and hence i am looking for a Test house to Test my FEP dll.

3.I have visited the link, each Test house has 3 different testing options. Since FEP requires AllFiles-TCB capabilities, I will have to select the option with Nokia Test, However there are two options for Nokia test one excluding (NUI-01 to NUI-05) / TPO-XX and the other with all the Nokia tests. Since there is a huge price difference in both the options I do not unnecessarily want to opt for all inclusive tests

So can you please guide me as to which test option should I choose to certify my FEP dll.

Sameer Kamble