Hi everyone. I am developing a project and I used to do debugging without any problem. But after i installed tomcat server(at least this might be the reason i presume..) for netbeans it started not to work so i removed every single thing related with netbeans and java, jdk, jre etc. and reinstalled it but did not work. I downloaded netbeans 6.5.1 and installed jdk update 13, not working either im still having the same problem. Still says socket closed. How can i manage the socket to open it? There must be a solution to this and i have to use the debugger. Please help.

Waiting for debugger on port 1356
Connected to KVM
DebuggerListener: socket closed
KdpDebugTask connecting to debugger 1 ..
KdpDebugTask connecting to debugger 2 ..
KdpDebugTask connecting to debugger 3 ..
BUILD STOPPED (total time: 26 seconds)

Attaching to localhost:1356
Connection refused.