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    Review our hypnotic screensavers!

    Our company has released the screensaver Digital lotus, which creates a hypnotic flow of ever changing lotus patterns. You can find information about it here, where you can also see a preview of it:


    I need reviews for it, so I will give away the complete version of it and two other products as bonus if you write a short review for it on the Innovation world site. You will also get our other hypnotic screensaver Polar lotus for free:


    and the visual stimulation tool Astral effects:


    All you have to do is to register for an account on the


    site and then go to the try section, where you will find Digital lotus screensaver. There you can download it and write a review. After that I will also send you the complete version of Polar lotus
    screensaver and Astral effects. You can download a lot of other free mobile software on the Innovation world site. Innovation world is unique, because it gives you access to mobile software for free before the products hit the market. Looking forwards to hearing your opinion about the screensaver!
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