I wanted to compile my modules wlantools and elocation for PyS60 1.9.3 but I'm facing a problem and it blocks me for 2 days...

I need to compile the core Python lib to build then my modules, I created a subst drive w: with C:\Symbian\9.2\S60_3rd_FP1.

I moved the PyS60 sources in \PyS60-1.9.3\ (or C:\Symbian\9.2\S60_3rd_FP1\PyS60-1.9.3\)

I set EPOCROOT to "\"

Then I configure the build : setup.py configure -s 30armv5 -k selfsigned
(I'm not taking care of the capabilities at this point)

but then, python setup.py build fails.

I get :

make -s  -r -f "\EPOC32\BUILD\PyS60-1.9.3\newcore\symbian\group\_TYPES\WINSCW\_TYPES.WINSCW" RESOURCEUDEB
make -s  -r -f "\EPOC32\BUILD\PyS60-1.9.3\newcore\symbian\group\THREAD\WINSCW\THREAD.WINSCW" RESOURCEUDEB
make -s  -r -f "\EPOC32\BUILD\PyS60-1.9.3\newcore\symbian\group\_SSL\WINSCW\_SSL.WINSCW" RESOURCEUDEB
make -s  -r -f "\EPOC32\BUILD\PyS60-1.9.3\newcore\symbian\group\_TESTCAPI\WINSCW\_TESTCAPI.WINSCW" RESOURCEUDEB
  make -r  -f "\EPOC32\BUILD\PyS60-1.9.3\newcore\symbian\group\WINSCW.make" TARGET CFG=UDEB VERBOSE=-s
process_begin: CreateProcess((null), mwccsym2.exe -g -O0 -inline off -wchar_t off -align 4 -warnings on -w nohidevirtual,nounusedexpr -msgstyle gcc -enum int -str pool -exc ms -trigraphs on -nostdinc -d _DEBUG -d _UNICODE -d __SYMBIAN32__ -d __SERIES60_31__ -d __SERIES60_3X__ -d __CW32__ -d __WINS__ -d __WINSCW__ -d __
DLL__ -d Py_BUILD_CORE -d __SUPPORT_CPP_EXCEPTIONS__ -cwd source -i- -i \PyS60-1.9.3\newcore\symbian\inc -i \EPOC32\include\python25 -i \EPOC32\include\stdapis -i \EPOC32\include -i \epoc32\include\variant -i "\epoc32\include\variant\ " -include Symbian_OS_v9.2.hrh -o \EPOC32\BUILD\PyS60-1.9.3\newcore\symbian\group\PYTHON25\WINSCW\UDEB\_sre.o -c \PyS60-1.9.3\newcore\Modules\_sre.c, ...) failed.
make (e=2): The system cannot find the file specified.
make[1]: *** [\EPOC32\BUILD\PyS60-1.9.3\newcore\symbian\group\PYTHON25\WINSCW\UDEB\_sre.o] Error 2
make: *** [TARGETPYTHON25] Error 2
make -s  -r -f "\EPOC32\BUILD\PyS60-1.9.3\newcore\symbian\group\PYTHON25\WINSCW\PYTHON25.WINSCW" UDEB_sre.c
  make -r  -f "\EPOC32\BUILD\PyS60-1.9.3\newcore\symbian\group\WINSCW.make" FINAL CFG=UDEB VERBOSE=-s

Do you know what I am doing wrong ?
Is there any step I missed to prepare the build environment ?