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    Thumbs down Nokia, does anything work with Ovi?


    in February I have registered for your new Ovi store. In March I got an email "Thanks for signing up - Next Steps". And now?

    I like to submit non-commercial web applications or WRT applications. Why do developers generally need a VAT / Tax ID or "Primary contact for business enquiries"?

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    Talking Re: Nokia, does anything work with Ovi?

    Your title is misleading because lots of things work with Ovi, to many to list here

    I found similar to these by typing VAT in the "Search Forums" box on the top left.

    Note to ALL users please use "Search Forums" box before starting a new thread

    Please review the threads links below VAT ID is about tax and how you pay this.

    http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=163589 VAT UK

    Your title is misleading because lots of things work with Ovi, to may to list here

    Primary contact for business enquires? Self employed sub-contractor, then thats you. Company formation and Self employed Tax problems ask an accountant, because the topic is about software here.

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