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    Bluetooth communication between 6310 handsets

    Is it possible to write an application that allows two 6310 handsets to communicate via Bluetooth? Would I have to use AT commands? Can a J2ME application initiate the AT commands? If so, does it have to be a J2ME program, or is it possible to write a C++ program? Thanks.

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    RE: Bluetooth communication between 6310 handsets

    You cannot write applications on Nokia 6310i that could access Bluetooth. You can create Java MIDlets but there is no Bluetooth API.

    You can use AT commands from another device to Nokia 6310i (to establish a data call, for example) but in that case there is no separate application on the phone.

    You can create Bluetooth application in Symbian C++ onto Series 60 phones (such as Nokia 3650 and 7650). Further information on Bluetooth application development for Series 60 devices can be found in Bluetooth Documents section at forum.nokia.com.

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