Hi All,

I need your help to solve my Contact's PIM related problem.

Some mobile device can store 5 to 6 phone number in one contact as a GENERAL,HOME, WORK, MOBILE, FAX, PAGER and OTHER fields.

When we store any contact in mobile, we can specify any of those type. However we can also add all contact numbers in GENERAL type (in Nokia device) without specifying phone number type (Like HOME, WORK, MOBILE, FAX, PAGER and OTHER).

Problem is that, If all phone numbers(5 number) are GENERAL tpye ( without specifying HOME, WORK, MOBILE, FAX and PAGER) then "contact.countValues(Contact.TEL)" only returns 1 count. It display only one phone number which is added first.

How can i read all phone number if user has assigned it as a GENERAL type?

Please Reply.

Thanks a lot in advance.