Hello everyone!

I am a telecommunications student from the Helsinki University of Technology
doing my Master's Thesis on the business environment a telecommunications API
would produce.

The idea behind the telecommunications API(Application Programming Interface)
is to open the functionalities of the core telecommunications network such as
making phone calls, sending and receiving SMS/MMS - messages, retrieving location
data etc. to 3rd party developers that can incorporate them into applications,
web pages, mashups etc. This means that users can for example send information
retrieved from a webpage directly to a phone via SMS when certain conditions are filled.

Possible applications could range from social network(such as Facebook) integration
with mobile phone networks, specialized information distribution applications,
map-service mashups(with eg. Google Maps), notification services(ebay,maintainance of devices) etc.

There are a few companies trying this kind of an approach to opening the closed
'walled-garden' of telco resources, notably Ribbit ( www.ribbit.com ),
Telenor Playground ( playground.telenor.com ) and Orange Partner ( www.orangepartner.com ).
All of these have different business ideas, they offer different APIs and different
levels of openness, so it is very much an unformed idea at the moment. These companies
offer things in many forms and there is no consensus on what people really want.

As a part of my Master's Thesis I am interested in the opinions of you, the developer,
whether you are just starting to build your first application / web page or are a solid
professional with years of experience. What do you think of this idea? Is it worth doing?
Which APIs would interest you? What kind of business model would you accept?

It takes only a couple of minutes to fill out the questionnaire, and all help is very much appreciated!

Jaakko Kestilä
TKK Telecommunications Management Laboratory


PS. Oh and if any of you guys know relevant forums/people that might be interested in the subject,
please hit me back! All help is very much appreciated!