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    Installing Multiple Types of Fonts on a Symbian S60 Device


    I want to install multiple font files on a Symbian S60 device (N90, N91, E51 etc.). My goal is to have multiple types of fonts on a device and load required type of font in an application. For instance, one application may be using Arial and other may be using Times New Roman. My perception is that any device should have 'one font as default font' which is used by all the applications in general. However, device should allow installation of additional files which can be used by some applications on need basis.

    I am interested in knowing how it can be done both manually by copying files directly on device and dynamically through an application. Manual mechanisms which require fonts to be stored in ‘resource\font' folder are of not my use as they switch device fonts completely on reboot. I don't want to play with default device fonts, I am interested only in installation of additional fonts on device and using them on-demand from within an application. Another question, is there any mechanims to view a list of fonts already present on a S60 device?


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    Re: Installing Multiple Types of Fonts on a Symbian S60 Device

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