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    Could not run app for security reason

    Hi !

    I have an application developed to access a web service created by me only
    when i run the applicationlocally it works fine now i want to run web service on server
    and access it when i tried to execute my app from device and tried accessing the web service
    running on server it gave an error saying " Could not run file due to security reason" i am trying to
    run this on E71, i have signed sis file from symbiansigned.com

    also when i run the application from emulator there also it crashes , when i tries to access
    web service from internet , but when i access the web service from local machine it works well
    i am totally confused can anybody help ?


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    Re: Could not run app for security reason

    You should debug the applciation in emulator to see why it crashes on it. And for the phone problem you should check that you have all required capabilities set for your process, thus check mmp file and see that you have at least networkservices capability defined.

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