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    Nokia 7650: MIDP OTA downloading problem!!

    problem 1: My OTA server is a servlet application server.
    I use Nokia 7650 to download midlet by OTA, but it sometimes throughs out a notice with "App. Closed.WmlBrowser USER 11" when it receives the JAD file sended by the OTA Server's servlet through a WAP GW, and then the WAP broswer exits. Why?

    problem 2: I put some Chinese text as JAD's MIDLet-Name attribute's value, and encode the JAD to utf-8. When the Nokia 7650(Chinese version) prompts to the user wheter or not to install the midlet, the handset can not display the Chinese text? Which kind of charset the Nokia 7650 needs to encode the JAD that contains Chinese text?


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    1. Actually the midlet OTA server is a web server, just the relevant MIME type need to be added:
    Content-Type: text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor (*.jad)
    Content-Type: application/java-archive (*.jar).
    I don't understand why you let the OTA server to send midlet via servlet?

    2. Now there is a bug on Nokia 7650 and 3650 phones, this means that if midlet's JAD and JAR file include Chinese characters (even encoding schema is UTF-8), the midlet also can not been installed via OTA. I think this bug should be fixed soon.


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